About Us

The West Richmond Community Centre is jointly operated by the West Richmond Community Association and the City of Richmond.

The City of Richmond provides Staff to program, maintain, coordinate facility rentals, racquetball courts etc. and be ultimately responsible for the Community Centre.

The Community Association is made up of a volunteer Board of Directors that give direction to the staff on what types of programs the community wants. All instructors and child care staff are employees or contractors of the Association. Each area of programming has a Board Liaison. All areas are governed by the Program Committee, which then takes issues of interest to the Board. There is also a Finance Committee, a Youth Committee, Fitness Committee, Parks Committee, Seniors Committee and a Building Committee.

Under the umbrella of Child Care Services, we offer preschool classes for 3 and 4 year olds, five mornings and five afternoons per week. Merry King Preschool provides service to roughly a hundred families. We also offer morning and afternoon Time for Twos classes which run seasonally (Sept-Dec, Jan-June).

Our Junior Out-of-School Care Program runs out of West Richmond Community Centre and serves children in Kindergarten through Grade two. There are fifty spaces available in this program.

Our Senior Out-of-School Care Program is located at Gilmore Elementary School. This program offers before and after school care to children in Grades two through seven. There are sixty-three spaces available in this program.

Our Out-of-School Care Programs serve children from Gilmore, Quilchena, and Dixon schools.

Merry King Preschool serves families and their preschoolers from all over Richmond.