Out-of-School Care


"West Richmond has been our "village" when we had none. Truly, you and your leaders have helped us raise two well adjusted, self confident, happy children. We could not have done any part of our lives without you. I am not sure exactly how to thank you all as no matter what, it will not be enough. West Richmond is a fantastic program and we have nothing but gratitude for you all. The kids have so many memories to take with them. We will miss you all very much."

- Melanie


"We have been involved with the Out-of-School Care Programs at West Richmond for 6 years now. Both our children look forward to going to the before and after school activities. They have such a wide variety of activities ranging from indoor play/crafts to outdoor play etc. All the leaders are very attentive and if an issue arises, it is dealt with promptly and professionally. Our daughter has special needs, and so she requires some extra support. We have always felt confident in all of the leaders abilities to care for her. We know that both of our children are well supported and most importantly, SAFE. We would highly recommend the West Richmond Out-of-School Care Programs to anyone. To be honest, I wish that I could attend too ;)"

- Heather


"I went to WRCC from Kindergarten until the start of Grade 7. I really liked all of the games we played – especially the team sports. We had great leaders that would play lots of games with us and could help us with homework. They were always fair and fun. THANK YOU EVERYONE AT OSC."
- Eric (2012 OSC Graduate)


"My kids have been in before and after school care through WRCC since 2005 and I couldn’t be happier. The care, understanding, and mentoring they have received is outstanding. I thought I would feel guilty leaving my kids in full time child care (especially my son…the quietest, most timid shy 5 year old you ever met), but they have grown, learnt so much about themselves and made such great life long friends, I have zero guilt. I would highly recommend this program to anyone!"
- Nicole


"Our family has left very fortunate to have been included in West Richmond Community Centre’s Out of School Care (OSC) program from the time our children began attending in kindergarten. The leaders and staff at OSC are not only caring and responsible, but have also engaged our children in a variety of activities, clubs, and programs, that have widened our children’s interests and allowed them to develop new skills. Our children have made numerous friends from many different schools as well as from within the community, while attending OSC. The Staff at West Richmond has been accommodating in helping us find flexible solutions to our childcare needs."

- Eleonore


“My kids have been in the program since 2007. I can say without a doubt that this is one of the best childcare programs out there. Both my kids are extremely happy and fulfilled and never want to leave. All of the staff are highly accommodating, enthusiastic and genuinely care about the children. We are highly grateful for the experiences this program is giving our children”
- Anonymous


"We have been very happy with our experience at OSC Gilmore. The staff are exceptional young people who provide a friendly, positive and professional daycare experience. There are a variety of activities offered daily which meet the needs of the kids. We would recommend OSC to parents looking for quality before and after school care."
- John Kibblewhite, Vice-Principal, Richmond School District


"The West Richmond OSC program is amazing! My son was so excited when he transferred into this program (as was I). Instead of being home watching TV or playing video games after school, Gilmore OSC provides my son with tons of fun options. He can go to the playground with his friends, play sports in the gym, build lego, play pool, etc. On top of that, the leaders are fantastic – I’ve always gotten the impression that they love their job! They are young and energetic men and women who lead the kids in all sorts of well supervised fun."
- Jennifer Thorne

Time for Twos


"My son has been attending the morning Twos Time program since September 2015. I wanted to take a few minutes to express how much it has helped my son grow. It took him until January to settle in but while I stayed with him every class, baby sister mostly asleep in the baby carrier, Michelle, Tatiana and Carolyn were patient and supportive. In January he was comfortable staying on his own, enjoyed seeing the teachers every class and really started to grow socially. Over the past couple of months he has started to be more comfortable playing along side the other children and telling me about them. I'd like to thank everyone involved in this program for making it what it is but most of all the caring, respectful, dedicated and energetic teachers."

- Sarah





Merry King Preschool


"My 2 girls have just completed their 2 years and now my son is starting this year. I can't say enough good things about Merry King. The 4 hour program is the best thing it could happen to your child's education. They learn so much, I can not believe the amount of activities they manage to squeeze in 4 hours. I love their approach to nature and being green, my daughter knows more about gardening than me. The kids social development improves so much in so little time, the teachers are the best, you feel like they are family. I am so glad all my kids will get to be a part of this great pre-school."
- Vanessa


"Our 4 hour preschool experience was the BEST! The dedication, organization, and sincere kindness of our Teachers made for a positive, fun, learning environment - I think the Teachers had just as much fun as the kids! The field trips were fantastic, but more than anything I think the trips to the garden will be fondly remembered by everyone. There was always something happening at the garden, and a funny story and laugh that accompanied each trip. I will be forever grateful that my son had such a positive experience during his preschool years, and really could not have asked for a better group of teachers and for that I thank you all."
- Leslie


"When I picked Merry King for my daughter, my only consideration is the flexibility of school days. It turns out to be a perfect choice. The teachers are so enthusiastic, passionate, and full of love. And when it comes to my son's time, I just picked Merry King again without hesitance."
- Daria


"Nicolas is so excited to come back to Merry King! He can't wait to see his friends and his amazing teachers."
- Brigit


"Both of my daughters attended Merry King Preschool from the age of 3 and blossomed while in the capable hands of the amazing teachers there. I would wholeheartedly recommend Merry King Preschool – the staff, the facilities and the activities the children participate in are absolutely wonderful. The range of subject matter covered is extensive and both my children were well prepared for Kindergarten when the time came. Thank you again to all the staff at Merry King, I am so pleased with the skills my children learnt, the social awareness they were taught and the compassion and caring with which they view their peers having been in the program!"
- Gina D.