Hello all,

A few weeks ago for art, Henaxi and I led a snow making activity. While many of us may not like the snow, this snow was a real winner for the children. The children were separated into two groups, and each group made one batch of snow. While making the snow, children took turns measuring, pouring and stirring the ingredients. The snow was quite easy to make as it only consisted of 2 ingredients: baking soda (~ 1cup) and hair conditioner (~ 4 cups). I found that adding the baking soda to the conditioner bit by bit to get the consistency needed was the best method to do this.

While it was my first time making snow, I was pleasantly surprised by the texture. The snow was very soft but did not stick to our hands or the table. It was also quite moldable and flexible, which allowed the children to create mini snowmen and snowballs. Since slime is so popular with children these days, this art project is a nice alternative. The snow is also a great sensory activity which allows children to stimulate their sense of touch.

Warm wishes,

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