Family Fun Night

Hello everyone,

Hope everyone is having a wonderful start to December. Last Thursday was our Family Fun
Night. We would like to thank all the families that joined us and we hope you all had a wonderful

This was the second time we have hosted this event and we hope to continue the tradition in the
years to come. This year we had many different activities for the children and parents to enjoy.
One of the activities was our “Minute to Win It Games: Holiday Edition.” To begin, children were
given a passport with pictures corresponding to different games. Then children chose a
challenge to try. Once the children completed one of the challenges, they were able to stamp
their passport. When they received all 5 stamps, the children were able to select a prize. Some
of the Minute to Win It games included apple stacking (the record was 7 apples), marshmallow
slingshot, and ping pong toss into Wow Butter. Special thanks to Matt for organizing these activities. It was great to see the children’s excitement and willingness to take on these challenges.

We also had a gingerbread house making station. Children were able to create their own
gingerbread houses made from graham crackers, icing and a great amount of candy. It was
wonderful to see the children’s creativity and their unique take on their houses.

Lastly, a hot chocolate bar was on offer for maximum indulgence. Nothing is better than ending the day with a warm cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows!

We hope to see everyone join us for our Family Fun Night next year!


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