May The Force Be With You!

Hello OSC families!

This week the kids were extra excited to make lightsabers for Thursday's activity.  Who isn't a fan of Star Wars!  As Darth Vader said “Luke, I am your father.”

Here is a recipe if anyone would like to recreate it at home:

- empty water bottle
- glitter glue (any colour)
- water
- duck tape
- 2 glow sticks

However, fair warning to those that decide to take upon this is messy!!  You may find glitter glue everywhere as this is what happened to us from our clothes to being stuck to the furniture.  After the activity finished, the glow sticks turned out to be a huge hit.  The kids thought it was a really fun idea to turn off the lights on one side of the room lights and perform a talent show to the audience using the glow sticks.  This was quite a sight to see and entertaining for those of us watching.

Until next time, thanks for reading!


Trick or Treat!

Hello West Richmond families!

We hope that you all had a safe and spooky Halloween this past week. While we are recovering from all of the sugar that we have eaten recently let’s take a moment to look back at the wonderful week we had here at West Richmond. We had so much fun with all of the activities, from pumpkin carving with our friends over at SR OSC, to dressing up and eating endless amounts of sweets. 

All of the costumes that we saw were so impressive. It was great seeing some new and creative ideas as well as some classics. There was such a variety, from the Joker to Elsa and everything in between. The kids who participated in the pumpkin carving activity loved getting messy and covered in pumpkin guts. 

We even got the chance to cook up some pumpkin seeds for a super fun and yummy activity. With Halloween over, we are now patiently awaiting the wonderful winter holidays. May our candy last us until then, although we all know it won’t.




Get Out To Get Better

With this season expected to be a cold and wet one, it is easy to dread going outdoors. The leaders at West Richmond are geared up and ready to play outdoors regardless of the weather and here is why your children should be too.

Benefits Of Outdoor Play:

Improved Motor Skills- Children exposed to wet and slippery surfaces will gain valuable experience controlling their bodies under different circumstances. A slip or fall in the playground serves as an important lesson for managing risk and ultimately helps keep children safe over time.

Improved Immunity- Playing outsides exposes children to different germs and can help boost their immune system resulting in being sick less often.

Physical Activity- Consistent exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and getting outdoors regardless of the weather 
keeps your body active and helps prevent heart disease, obesity and other health issues.

Play and Learning- Children who are outside are more likely to use imaginative play, interact with nature and learn about the natural environment around them.

Please send your child with appropriate gear so that outdoor play can be an option even if it is wet and cold out.




Thanks for Fall


This past week at Junior OSC, we got to connect with the kids about what Thanksgiving is all about and we asked what the kids are thankful for in their lives. Here are some of the things the kids said they were thankful for. 

  • mommy and daddy 
  • little sister
  • cookbooks
  • nice place to live 
  • cars
  • dolls
  • grandma
  • cat named “meow”

Talking with the kids about what Thanksgiving really is gave them an opportunity to appreciate what they have.

Now that Fall is here, the leaves are falling on the ground so what better way to spend the afternoon than to build leaf piles?! The kids worked together as a team to build a huge leaf pile at the park. Once done, they rewarded themselves by jumping in the pile and throwing the leaves in the air.


Self Portraits with Nature

Hi Families!

With autumn in full swing and the guarantee of pleasant weather lessening, our next challenge is coming up with new and enticing activities. A few weeks ago, I knew I wanted to do some variety of self portraits but I was not entirely sure about involving myself with paint on this day (white shirt.. disaster waiting to happen).

There's a lot of buzz around using natural materials in classrooms and a variety of out of school care programs, so I thought to try self portraits, but using natural materials. There were mixed reactions, some were disappointed that it wasn't slime - a popular activity as of late - and some intrigued. We ventured out to the park and followed the fence along the putting course, collecting acorns, pine needles, pebbles, fallen leaves and sticks. What I liked about this activity was that it was a way to get the kids outside, as some of them are dedicated art-doers so they might not visit the park as often. I think the kids could appreciate there were little to no guidelines so they could build themselves on paper however they chose, with whatever materials they found from outside. We briefly talked about what kinds of materials would be ideal: pine needles for hair, acorns for noses or heads, sticks for arms and legs...get their creative juices flowing.

Check out some examples below! I was impressed to see how much effort they put in :)

Happy Fall!

Sara E

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