Hello all,

A few weeks ago for art, Henaxi and I led a snow making activity. While many of us may not like the snow, this snow was a real winner for the children. The children were separated into two groups, and each group made one batch of snow. While making the snow, children took turns measuring, pouring and stirring the ingredients. The snow was quite easy to make as it only consisted of 2 ingredients: baking soda (~ 1cup) and hair conditioner (~ 4 cups). I found that adding the baking soda to the conditioner bit by bit to get the consistency needed was the best method to do this.

While it was my first time making snow, I was pleasantly surprised by the texture. The snow was very soft but did not stick to our hands or the table. It was also quite moldable and flexible, which allowed the children to create mini snowmen and snowballs. Since slime is so popular with children these days, this art project is a nice alternative. The snow is also a great sensory activity which allows children to stimulate their sense of touch.

Warm wishes,


Family Fun Night

Hello everyone,

Hope everyone is having a wonderful start to December. Last Thursday was our Family Fun
Night. We would like to thank all the families that joined us and we hope you all had a wonderful

This was the second time we have hosted this event and we hope to continue the tradition in the
years to come. This year we had many different activities for the children and parents to enjoy.
One of the activities was our “Minute to Win It Games: Holiday Edition.” To begin, children were
given a passport with pictures corresponding to different games. Then children chose a
challenge to try. Once the children completed one of the challenges, they were able to stamp
their passport. When they received all 5 stamps, the children were able to select a prize. Some
of the Minute to Win It games included apple stacking (the record was 7 apples), marshmallow
slingshot, and ping pong toss into Wow Butter. Special thanks to Matt for organizing these activities. It was great to see the children’s excitement and willingness to take on these challenges.

We also had a gingerbread house making station. Children were able to create their own
gingerbread houses made from graham crackers, icing and a great amount of candy. It was
wonderful to see the children’s creativity and their unique take on their houses.

Lastly, a hot chocolate bar was on offer for maximum indulgence. Nothing is better than ending the day with a warm cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows!

We hope to see everyone join us for our Family Fun Night next year!



May The Force Be With You!

Hello OSC families!

This week the kids were extra excited to make lightsabers for Thursday's activity.  Who isn't a fan of Star Wars!  As Darth Vader said “Luke, I am your father.”

Here is a recipe if anyone would like to recreate it at home:

- empty water bottle
- glitter glue (any colour)
- water
- duck tape
- 2 glow sticks

However, fair warning to those that decide to take upon this is messy!!  You may find glitter glue everywhere as this is what happened to us from our clothes to being stuck to the furniture.  After the activity finished, the glow sticks turned out to be a huge hit.  The kids thought it was a really fun idea to turn off the lights on one side of the room lights and perform a talent show to the audience using the glow sticks.  This was quite a sight to see and entertaining for those of us watching.

Until next time, thanks for reading!


Trick or Treat!

Hello West Richmond families!

We hope that you all had a safe and spooky Halloween this past week. While we are recovering from all of the sugar that we have eaten recently let’s take a moment to look back at the wonderful week we had here at West Richmond. We had so much fun with all of the activities, from pumpkin carving with our friends over at SR OSC, to dressing up and eating endless amounts of sweets. 

All of the costumes that we saw were so impressive. It was great seeing some new and creative ideas as well as some classics. There was such a variety, from the Joker to Elsa and everything in between. The kids who participated in the pumpkin carving activity loved getting messy and covered in pumpkin guts. 

We even got the chance to cook up some pumpkin seeds for a super fun and yummy activity. With Halloween over, we are now patiently awaiting the wonderful winter holidays. May our candy last us until then, although we all know it won’t.




Get Out To Get Better

With this season expected to be a cold and wet one, it is easy to dread going outdoors. The leaders at West Richmond are geared up and ready to play outdoors regardless of the weather and here is why your children should be too.

Benefits Of Outdoor Play:

Improved Motor Skills- Children exposed to wet and slippery surfaces will gain valuable experience controlling their bodies under different circumstances. A slip or fall in the playground serves as an important lesson for managing risk and ultimately helps keep children safe over time.

Improved Immunity- Playing outsides exposes children to different germs and can help boost their immune system resulting in being sick less often.

Physical Activity- Consistent exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and getting outdoors regardless of the weather 
keeps your body active and helps prevent heart disease, obesity and other health issues.

Play and Learning- Children who are outside are more likely to use imaginative play, interact with nature and learn about the natural environment around them.

Please send your child with appropriate gear so that outdoor play can be an option even if it is wet and cold out.



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