Junior Out-of-School Care: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Professional Days, Spring Break and Winter Break included in the fees?
A: Professional Days, Spring Break and Winter Break are included in the fees for Full Day participants and PM only participants.

Q: Are any meals going to be provided for my child?
A: Yes, we provide breakfast in the morning between 7 and 8am. A selection of cereals, toast and oatmeal, as well as a hot breakfast selection a few mornings a week are available. We also serve an open afternoon snack between 3:00 and 4:00pm.

Q: How many children are part of the Jr. OSC Program?
A: A maximum of 50 children attend the program on any given day.

Q: How many children are there per instructor?
A: Licensing requires no more than 12 children per instructor in Jr. OSC. However, there are usually enough instructors to make this number less.

Q: What if my child has allergies and/or needs to be given medication?
A: We are a peanut and nut free program. For any type of medication, there is a form to fill out to give permission for our staff to administer the medication.

Q: How do the kids get to and from school?
A: The children are shuttled to school by one of our two Variety Club vehicles. Dixon children typically walk back to the centre after school.

Q: How often do the children go on out-trips away from the centre?
A: Once a week, we offer a small optional out-trip for our children. The group leaves after snack and returns by 5:30pm. Sign-up is on a first come, first served basis.

Q: Do the children need any special attire or equipment?
A: If children wish to play in the gym, they must wear non-marking running shoes. Otherwise, we ask that children are appropriately dressed for the weather. We strongly encourage that children pack a water bottle year round, as they often get thirsty after playing in the park or gym. Also, a change of clothes might be a good idea to pack in case of an accident or emergency.