Merry King Preschool

Thank you for your interest in our preschool. Merry King Preschool is a fully licensed school that is part of the West Richmond Community Association. We are dedicated to providing quality preschool programs to the residents of Richmond.

Merry King is a unique preschool program for 3 to 5 year old children, which involves cooperative efforts between parents and staff as part of the preschool team.

Our program is a Reggio inspired, play based program that provides children the opportunity to develop their skills in all areas. We believe children learn through interacting with others and experimenting with different mediums. Our environment allows children to explore the world around them in a safe and predictable setting. Children are encouraged to be independent, make choices and tap into their own style of learning. As children all learn differently, we strive to work with each child as an individual while guiding them to work responsibly in a group setting.

Aside from children learning cognitive concepts, fine and gross motor skills and creativity, we feel that the child’s emotional life is crucial at this time in his/her development. Our staff is committed to supporting your child as he/she learns to negotiate and interact with others. Children need positive reinforcement and encouragement as they explore their own feelings and the feelings of others. Children deserve respect and patience as they begin to develop a sense of empathy.

Age Guidelines

Children entering the 3 year old program must be 3 years of age by Dec. 31 of that school year.
Children entering the 4 year old program must be 4 years of age by Dec. 31 of that school year.

Family Participation

A strong program involves parent interaction with staff and school members. Family participation gives children a special time to share with you in their environment and gives parents the opportunity to observe their child interacting with others.

Families and staff can share resources and get to know one another enabling the teaching staff to understand your child’s individuality.

Parents or a child’s caregiver are encouraged to participate in the classroom as a PARENT HELPER. You will be there to assist staff and interact with the children in the daily school setting and on field trips.

Other Info

Merry King students have pre-registration into West Richmond Out-of-School Care programs.

Students must be enrolled at Gilmore, Dixon, or Quilchena Elementary Schools.

Students must be enrolled in Merry King for the year prior to Kindergarten entry.

If there are a limited amount of spots, priority will go to participants who have attended Merry King for the longest amount of time.

Students must be enrolled in Merry King a minimum of 3 months prior to OSC pre-registrations.

Please feel free to come and speak to our Preschool staff or observe a class (by appointment only). For more information, call our Director of Child Care Services at 604-238-8415