Fireworks - FAS T/Th class

We had the sorting box and the foam stacking activity out last class. These were two separate experiences that the children played with. While I was busy helping the children at the snack table, I suddenly heard 3 continuous loud sounds, then I saw the foam rings flying up in the air.  When I looked up, I saw Aiden and Era picking up the foam rings and stacking them on the wooden dowels. I continued to watch them in their play. Era opened and closed the sorting box that created a popping sound. After the popping sound was made, Aiden lifted the foam rings off the wooden dowels. This happened two more times and I decided to ask them what they were doing. Aiden was quick to reply with “We are making fireworks”.

The children were able to apply their understanding of what fireworks are in their play. A loud sound and different colors in the air were present.  This play required Aiden and Era to play cooperatively and communicate with each other to successfully make fireworks.

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Questions - Fine Arts & Science M/W/F AM & PM Classes

I am a HUGE Christmas fan.  I love the music, décor, and all-around joyous spirit that fills the air during this magical time of year, which is why I get so excited to bring any Christmas-themed activity into our classroom. So, during the first week of December I thought that it would be a neat idea to write a letter to Santa Claus as a class.  At circle time we wrote a fun letter to Santa, his elves, his reindeer, and of course Mrs. Claus. Instead of writing him a wish list, our goal was to fill the letter with questions. This was a good way for us to practice the skill of asking questions as well as brainstorming.  This was challenging at times for some to hold back their magical wish list items however we all did it and the letter was done!

Unfortunately, Santa's response arrived after our last day of class however it was still exciting because we got to open and read it on our first day back. The letter answered some of our questions and described Santa's and Mrs. Claus's passion for gardening. Because their garden is magical they are able to grow plants that thrive in warmer and cooler climates. The letter explained that they often bring home plants and seeds from their travels all over the world to grow in their garden. The letter also included a pack of sunflower seeds for us to grow in our classroom. Everyone had an opportunity to either plant or water the seeds. The children were thrilled to be able to bring a bit of Santa's magic to our window sills.

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Sensory Tray - 3 Year Old Class

Happy New Year! We hope you have had a restful winter break with family and friends. January onwards is a milestone for many of the preschoolers in the 3 year old class. They have settled into a routine and are more comfortable moving from parallel play to social play. 

At our last staff meeting we had discussed what areas of the preschool were often visited by the children and all staff agreed on the sensory table which we change weekly from ice cubes, to shredded paper, sand, play dough, etc. We decided to purchase a large sensory tray for the preschool classes to share.

The sensory tray arrived and we decided to put some colourful pellets in it for the children to explore.


Ching Ching lays in the tray while A.J stands in the tray.
 I wonder if A.J thinks he could squash the pellets with his boots.
Siya, Scotia and Ching Ching all play together in the sensory tray.


Ching Ching is using fine motor skills. She has found a hole on the edge of the tray and she carefully picks the pellets up to put into the hole.
She is focusing on getting the pellets into the hole.




At clean up time everyone helps to put the pellets into a basin.


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Leaving the Creativity to the Children - 3 Year Old & 4 Year Old Classes

Here at the preschool we emphasis the importance of process and creativity, whether  that be learning how to hang up a coat and bag or taking a snack out of a bag. It’s a stepping stone to a child’s confidence to independence. Learning the self help skills at an early age allows children to take on new challenges with confidence.

We put out materials for the children to create snow people, the children made their own creation with the help of big buddies



We did a science experiment with milk, food coloring and dish soap. The children were curious how the colors blended as they added the dish soap. Many of the children needed to repeat the experiment as they wanted to understand what caused the colors to mix or maybe they just enjoyed watching the pattern the colors made.


Inspiration Art is exactly that and the children got busy to create with the picture they were inspired by.


Children will often be found at the drawing table making their own creations sometimes asking for tape to hang their artwork in the classroom. 

Daniel making his own creation out of playdough.


We had the pleasure of a parent musician play his guitar throughout the morning and the children were able to play too! Thank you Chuck for teaching us about the guitar and what it's like to be a professional musician. 

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Postcard Exchange - Part II - 4 Hour Class

After receiving a couple of postcards and letters from our friends, we were excited to start writing back to the other preschools. A few of our friends went straight to work, each drawing a picture that represents our school.

At circle, we talked about how we are going to send the mail over to our new friends. Some suggested email, while others disagreed because we cannot send real paper by email. We started asking about the mail that arrives to our houses. One child said, “It needs to be in an envelope and a name on it” while another said, “We need stamps”. We started talking how we need to get envelopes, add our friends’ addresses, and buy stamps with real money. So, we got our envelopes, addresses, and stamps so that we could mail our letters.


We have learned so much through our postcard exchange. As we wait for a few more postcards and letters to arrive, we have been exploring different countries and how people and animals live. We see that there are many differences yet many similarities as well. Throughout this whole process, there have been a lot of learning opportunities from other schools. In the end, we concluded that no matter how different we are, we will always have friends around the globe.

Until next time,

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