The Amazing Ambulance!! - FAS T/Th Class

During the month of November, we have been learning about different types of transportation in our classroom.  On Tuesday, November 28 we were excited to welcome Annemarie Byers, an experienced educational paramedic to meet with our class and explain how ambulances work to serve our community!

 The children were greeted and asked questions about their understanding of how several different types of emergency vehicles assist us…..police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances...of course!!!  We were all reminded how to reach paramedic personnel in an emergency situation by calling the number “9-1-1”.  The students were also able to view and try various types of support equipment such as splints and a working stethoscope, which they thoroughly enjoyed.  How and why we use these items was also explained in a “child-friendly” way! 
After Annemarie finished her presentation she gave the children an opportunity to ask any questions they had.  However, the highlight of the morning was when the children were given the chance to go outside and climb into an actual ambulance.  While inside, they sat and were able to see how it looks and works.

This “on-site” field trip gave our preschool class the chance to learn how ambulances and paramedics provide people with the help we need in an emergency situation.  As educators, we are thankful for community programs that services such as BC Ambulance provide to educate everyone!


Teacher Lori Moore
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