Art & Science - Salt, Glue & Food Colouring - 3 Year Old and 4 Year Old Classes

The children in both our three-year-old and four-year-old classes had fun exploring colours and “absorption” with 3 simple ingredients: salt, glue and food colouring.

The children dribbled squiggles, dots, lines, spirals and made smudges of glue.

Next they pinched the kosher salt between their fingers and sprinkled the salt all over the glue and shook the excess off.

Now, the colour! This part of the process is really thrilling. The children dipped fine brushes into food colouring and gently touch the salt. It’s amazing to see how far the watercolours spread as they’re absorbed by the grains of salt. Little by little the children transformed their white, salt drawings into vibrant, colourful designs.

These works of art are not long-lasting as the salt will crumble and comes away from the glue, even when dry, but while it’s not a “forever” project, it’s definitely a keeper of an idea for fun and creative learning.



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