Postcard Exchange - Part I - 4 Hour Class

Growing up, many of us experienced the joy of opening up letters, especially ones addressed to us. It provides a certain sense of importance and excitement when we receive letters and notes from family and friends.


Our class joined a preschool postcard exchange project to learn about other preschools around the world. Within our assigned group, we were able to learn about schools from small towns to big cities in North America (Ontario, New York, Connecticut, Oklahoma, and Illinois), Western Australia (Munster), England (West Yorkshire), and Singapore. It was a fun, informative, and amazing experience learning through postcards and letters from around the world.

Most importantly, we were able to learn that no matter the differences in culture, we are all the same. For example, we learned that the students in West Yorkshire wear uniforms to their school, which is located in an old castle. While we may have our differences we all love playing outdoors, making art, and building with friends.

Our project is ongoing as we continue to send and receive postcards and letters. So, please stay tuned for Part II!


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