Visit to the Nature Park with our 3 Year Old Class

We recently visited the Nature Park and the peat bog, a watery land of mosses, heaths, and shrubby trees.

Squirrels and chickadees are at the park all year round, but the Spring brings hummingbirds and warblers.

The weather cooperated for our visit and the children enjoyed “Exploring the Bog in the Spring”.

Keefer was our friendly and enthusiastic guide, and the children were well engaged.

Our first stop was The Hut:


Matias and friends enjoyed playing frog hop - tick tack toe:

Jayden was the first to touch the garden snake, helping his friends overcome any concerns.

“He feels sticky and I think he feels wet” - Jayden


Off we go to explore the bog:


The bog is a wetland and the ground is waterlogged.

The children jumped on the spongy ground and watched the branches on the shrubs bounce... as well as their parents!

Keefer shows us how much water can absorb into the peat moss.

“Whoa, it's like magic I think.” - Lucas:


With a special spy glass, the children were able to experience what the world might look like through the eyes of a bee.

“I have so much feet.” - Dayna:


I don't think one child passed over the bridge without saying hello to the turtles:


The children sat along a very long bench, happily watching the activities of the busy squirrels and the birds flying in and out:

Thank you Keefer for an enjoyable and informative morning!

Until next time!

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