Postcard Exchange - Part II - 4 Hour Class

After receiving a couple of postcards and letters from our friends, we were excited to start writing back to the other preschools. A few of our friends went straight to work, each drawing a picture that represents our school.

At circle, we talked about how we are going to send the mail over to our new friends. Some suggested email, while others disagreed because we cannot send real paper by email. We started asking about the mail that arrives to our houses. One child said, “It needs to be in an envelope and a name on it” while another said, “We need stamps”. We started talking how we need to get envelopes, add our friends’ addresses, and buy stamps with real money. So, we got our envelopes, addresses, and stamps so that we could mail our letters.


We have learned so much through our postcard exchange. As we wait for a few more postcards and letters to arrive, we have been exploring different countries and how people and animals live. We see that there are many differences yet many similarities as well. Throughout this whole process, there have been a lot of learning opportunities from other schools. In the end, we concluded that no matter how different we are, we will always have friends around the globe.

Until next time,

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