Teddy Bear Picnic - 4 Hour Class

In our last visit at our Grand Pals, we had a teddy bear picnic with them. All of the children brought in their favorite stuffie and joined us in our activity.  

These teddy bears surely welcomed us to our picnic.
We first made necklaces for our stuffies using fruit loops and string. Both the children and the grand pals helped each other to string the cereal in.
Of course, some of the children were not able to resist eating the fruit loop necklace. I don’t blame them. The smell and colors of the cereal were definitely too hard to turn down.

When everyone was done making his or her necklaces. We had teddy grahams and apple juice for snack. The children were excited to use real breakable tea cups.

After snack, the children and the grand pals enjoyed listening to Linda tell the story of “We’re Going on A Bear Hunt”.


The children went home with their own teddy bear purses.
We had a blast visiting our grand pals and we are definitely looking forward to our next visit.
Until next time,



Provocational Art: 4 Year Old Class

Photos of wildlife in Canada were placed on the Drawing Table, along with paper and pencil crayons.  Children were free to draw without direction. Most of the children chose to replicate the animals on the table. We spoke about these animals during the process, and at Circle Time.

Some of the questions and statements from the children: 

“How do they survive?”
“Do they get cold and lonely?”

“I wonder if the fox would like to live with my family and my dog?”

“The raccoon looks scared that he's going to fall.”
“The bear's not sleeping. I can see his eye open. He probably isn't comfortable. He'd like my bed.”

The children took note of the animals sharp teeth and claws, which led to a conversation about hunting and survival.
Art provocations are meant to provoke thoughts, discussions, questions, creativity and ideas.
Provocations come in many forms; a photo, picture or book, nature, an object, an interest that a child has...., any source at all really.

Ultimately, provocations allow a child the freedom to explore in an open-ended way.


Until next time


Bubbles, Our Class Pet - 4 Hour Class

Hello Families, you have probably heard about Bubbles by now and may have even had him visit your home. He is our adorable pet dog who loves to go home with your child for a sleep over and then comes back to class with fond memories of his visit away. Your child then tells us all about their time together during our circle. There is also a book that is getting filled with photos and drawings showing us what Bubbles has gotten to do.

Before Bubbles was allowed to go visiting, the children made up rules of what Bubbles may do and may not do. We then wrote the list into the book that is brought home with Bubbles. The children discussed what they could do with Bubbles and what may happen if Bubbles did the things he shouldn’t do. But before anything could be done, the children had to come up with a name for the class pet. It was done very diplomatically with suggestions of names and then voting on it. Bubbles was almost called Patricia, it was a very close vote.

Dayna took Bubbles on a fun bus ride and also had a great time playing with him. Bubbles also accompanied Jaden to his swim class and got to sit on Jaden’s sister, Niko’s back as he watched on. Sofia took Bubbles to the playground to have some fun in the sun and her brother also joined them. Later on, Sofia took Bubbles on a shopping trip. Georgia made dinner for Bubbles and took him for a bike ride at Grandma’s house. These are some of the adventures that Bubbles has been on.
After all the fun that the children are having with Bubbles, there are valuable points to why we have show and tell in our classroom. It encourages vocabulary, self-expression and effective communication skills. Children learn to listen, speak, observe, participate, make connections and increase their vocabulary with descriptive words. It gives children a sense of importance and pride when they are sharing which then builds confidence and self-esteem. Even, children who are naturally quiet love to get up and share what they did because it is something they love and find pleasure in. Children learn to work and interact with their peers and learn positive social behaviours. The children learn to take turns, be patient and use kind words. It also provides opportunities for children to make new friendships and also a way for families to connect with the classroom.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the families for supporting your child and Bubbles by having a wonderful experience together. I know how busy life is which is why we appreciate everything that you do.
Until next time, Deanna


Things That Go - FAS Tues/Thurs Class

At the art table the children were provided with different colored tissue, sparkles, black circles, paper plates and paint. They were able to make any type of vehicle they wanted.

Chloe made a train that has lots of wheels.
Sarah made a car that has an extra tire just in case you need another one.

Yasmine made a sparkly car for a princess.
Rea made a school bus with three windows.

 Alessandria made a fire truck.
Check out the hallway for more artwork of things that go!
Until next time,




The Positive Power of Friends at Play - FAS Tues/Thurs Class

As a Childhood Educator it is always rewarding to see the boys and girls individually learn through their exploration of experiences provided here at preschool.

However, I am equally amazed to watch the children creatively interact as their play become more imaginative and socially involved.

I have seen most of their classroom time move from parallel play to cooperative collaboration, showing great growth in valuable social skills such as sharing, turn taking and verbal negotiation, to name a few.

It is also incredible to see young children demonstrate compassion for each other in tangible ways such as retrieving a tissue for another friend, helping another child put on their jacket or helping to open or close a container at the group snack table.

These days of early learning alongside other children creates a firm foundation for enduring friendships and the first of many more opportunities for increased social experiences.

Until next time,



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