Program Content: Merry King

Preschool age children learn through play. Play is vital to the normal development of a child. More is learned through play than by any other means. Children’s involvement in stimulating activities enhances their overall development. Our fundamental goal is to help your child learn more about themselves and the world around them through creative play experiences. The following are some of the benefits and skills we see emerging from this play:

  • initiative, satisfaction and confidence
  • social skills
  • skills in manipulating and coordinating
  • language and expression
  • mastering basic concepts (colours, numbers, shapes)
  • increased curiosity and discovery
  • self-help skills and empowerment

Our preschool setting includes many different learning centres. Each day the children have an opportunity to explore each centre and develop different skills.

A Typical Day at Merry King Preschool


  • Free play, arts & crafts (about 60 min)
  • Clean up
  • Circle time
  • Hand Washing
  • Snack time
  • Gross motor play

This schedule is flexible and may change depending on the needs of the children.