Egg-cellent Afternoon Activity

Hello OSC families, 

Tegan recently organized an Easter Egg hunt for the kids. There were over 70 eggs filled with all sorts of candy such as sour keys, Hi-Chews, and Skittles. As an added challenge, there were two golden eggs which contained a huge amount of Starbursts. While the kids were kept busy outside, Tegan and Sarah hid the smaller eggs while Carolyn had the task of hiding the golden eggs. The eggs were hidden all over the multi-purpose room, the nearby hallways and the equipment room. Carolyn hid one of the golden eggs in lego table and another in a case of girl guide cookies. To make it challenging to find, Carolyn placed a sheet of cardboard over the golden eggs and then covered it up with either the lego or girl guide cookies. Therefore, when the kids went looking in those areas, they often stopped when they reached the cardboard thinking that they hit the bottom of the box. 

During the hunt, the kids had a lot of fun running around and grabbing as many eggs as they could while also keeping an eye out for the golden eggs. While many of the kids got close to the golden eggs, it was Emma (grade 6) and Trenton (grade 3) who finally found them.

It was great to see all of the kids enjoying the activity and I know that the leaders definitely enjoyed watching.

Hope everyone had a egg-cellent  long weekend!

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