Slimetastic Day

November 27 was a Slimetastic Day!

My name is Jordan, I have been working at OSC for my fifth consecutive week.  I run the art programs on Mondays and this was the most fun and exciting session yet!  Before it even started I had kids waiting to sign up for art. This was my first go at a hands on art.  While I was excited I was actually feeling a little overwhelmed in the beginning because I wasn't sure if everything would come together.  However, this art exceeded all my expectations and I left feeling overjoyed. 

Growing up as a child I was always a big fan of slime, what child is not? However there is play dough, silly putty and other weird textures in our program, so how much more fun could slime be?

I think I forgot that creating your own "slime" or creating anything is more satisfying and makes the experience that much better. The fact that everyone has a unique style, through the different colours, sizes, viscosity and texture, has made our slime creations all the more special.  

The ingredients used were:
1. ~1 cup of Elmers Glue
2. ~1 cup of water
3. Food colouring
4. Liquid starch

The Recommended Ratio: 1-1-1

The recommended ratio was the most fun part about this day, as it distinguished the children's style in how they created their slime.  This made everyone want to experiment with the ingredients. At the end of the day and the kids were experts at this creation and were able to know exactly what ingredient was needed to be added, how much of it and how it would help. With kids experimenting more, of course a mess was inevitable. Fortunately I was reminded to put down a table cloth or I would have been scrubbing the tables until night.  

Overall, I believe the slime creations went really well. The kids were playing with the slime the whole day until pick up time. They were blowing bubbles with the slime, kneading it, covering cups, making ice cream, the list goes on and on. Hopefully no messes were made outside of OSC time!

It was definitely a successful day and kids enjoyed the art with the simplicity of slime!

Until next time, 


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