RAIN or shine @ Garden City Park

Hello everyone,

As some of you may already know, at Sr. OSC we try and provide one optional afternoon out-trip a month to a local playground or facility in Richmond. This month we were joined by the Jr. OSC program and together we visited Garden City Park.

Posted on our sign-up forms we try and make it clear  that these out-trips are 'rain or shine', and we definitely mean RAIN or shine. 

So we bundled ourselves up, grabbed our buckets & shovels and away we went! We even fashioned some handy dandy ponchos out of garbage bags.

These out-trips are certainly a blast for the kids, but even our leaders enjoy getting out there and playing!

If you're wondering how you can make sure your child makes it out with us on the next afternoon out-trip, look for the sign-up sheets that get posted beside our sign-in binder one week before the trip!

That's all for now!


Matt (the bat)

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