A Sneak-peek of Summer

Hello OSC families, 

This past week has shown a sneak peek of sunny summer weather. On Monday, the children had a chance to make their own hacky sack to enjoy indoors or outdoors. It started with fabric or felt that was cut out using a template. Then, using a glue gun, it was glued tight only leaving a small hole to put the rice inside. Once filled with rice, it was glued closed so that none of the rice was to escape. It turned out to be a success! The children enjoyed throwing, rolling and catching these fun hacky sacks.

On Wednesday, OSC took advantage of the weather and organized a large game of capture the flag. The game was filled with excitement as capture the flag never fails to please the children. I saw the children use teamwork and strategies to out-think their opponents in order to get the flags. It was a tiring game that ended up in a tie but from my perspective, both sides won as they enjoyed the game outside.

Until next time, 

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