Doodle for Google Project

For the past three weeks, some of the children at Senior have been working tirelessly on their Doodle for Google projects.  This a nation wide contest hosted by google promoting children across Canada to answer this question:

However, the catch is their answer has to be illustrated through a Google Doodle.  Below are some examples created by the professional doodlers at google.
Lantern Festival 2017

Seven Earth-Sized Exoplanets Discovered!

Doodle for Google 2017 Winner - US 
Cole's First Draft

To get the children on board with this project I started off by showing them a few videos featuring doodlers from google.  These videos seemed to inspire the group to participate in the contest.  Soon everyone was doodling "google" over and over trying to create the best design.  Some of the children wanted to see past winners because they were curious.  

Cole's Second Draft
Over the past 3 weeks everyone has been making draft after draft until they were satisfied with their work.  Some of the children like Emma and Cole are using a digital sketch program to draw their final project while others like Andrew and Trenton are using professional markers to color their final copy.  The due date for this project is Tuesday, May 2nd and I can't wait to see how everyone's turned out! 

Stay turned for final images. 

Cole's Third Draft

Emma's Final Draft

Trenton's Final Draft

Andrew's Final Draft

Doodle for Google Canada

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