Spring Break Fun at Terra Nova Park!

Spring Break flew by so quickly, however, the two weeks were filled with creative themed in-days such as Colour Wars and Fantastical Beasts to exciting out-trips to Eileen Dailly Pool and Science World. On the last day of our Spring Break camps, we had a bike trip to Terra Nova Park. On our way to the park, we saw a Heron on the dyke and the kids were amazed to see this beautiful bird. 
Despite the chilly weather, this did not stop the kids from having a blast. Even though the big slide is always a hit, the most popular attraction at the park was the zip line. The kids spent at least an hour, taking turns going down the zip line and every time I would look over, I saw the biggest smiles on their faces. Instead of the kids asking the leaders to pull them on the zip line, Cole, Emma and Andrew made up their own airline called C. E. A.  Together, they pushed countless children and even some of the leaders! Our kids also like to stand at the end of the zip line and when a child gets to the end, they all fall over like dominos. It was great to see all the kids playing together and having a lot of fun.

The bike ride back to Gilmore OSC was a little harder because the kids were tired from playing at the park for so long. But with some inspirational Disney music playing, we did not “give up until we reached the end.”

I hope you all had a fun and relaxing Spring Break!

Until next time,

Sarah A 

Mad Libs with Tegan

Recently at OSC all the kids were talking about how excited they are for spring break. They talked about all the adventures they were going to have, so I thought that I would get their imaginations going with a game of Mad Libs.  Mad Libs is a fill in the blank game where the children provided me with random words.  We then fit these words into pre-made sentences.  Below is the results!

In Canada the mascot is  a rotten lady bug then you totally messed up on the 18th day of school in  English.

Jennifer Lawrence accidentally poked herself with grapes and then the worlds best rubix-cuber  messed up by   89   days.

On  Thursday, Michael Jackson danced and the silliest music artist won 200 Grammy's.

One day Jutin Bieber went to USA to audition for frozen.

He had 1 million callbacks but instead he just kicked his legs.

Kids comments on the activity.

"I really liked the activity but I don’t like the name Mad Libs I think it should be called fill in the blanks."

"I thought the activity was fun and one of the best arts but I agree the name should be changed."


I loved that I could bring something brand new to the table and even with the kids having absolutely no idea what Mad Libs meant they were willing to give it a try and were actually very clever at creating them. We had a blast and hopefully can create more in the future. 

Have an amazing Spring break OSC families. 


Cookie Making with Damian and Alicia

So Many Treats!
Hey, Everyone! An exciting start to the month of March, through all the rain and clouds there has been a light! Through the power of sweetness and love, Alicia and I have planned some awesome sugar cookies that the kids took part in for our art project! We took a bunch of children to join us in the kitchen to learn the safety and rules of what to do and not do in the kitchen. We learned the dangers of not eating raw cookie dough, because of the chance of getting salmonella. We also enjoyed learning the correct way of rolling and measuring the ingredients to prepare such a yummy treat!

Not every cookie has to be perfect.
While waiting for these bundles of sweetness to bake, many of the students such as Theodora, Max, and some leaders (Carolyn and I) were improving their reading skills, by reading out kids plays (Green eggs and Ham, Pippi Longstocking) and trying to create funny voices to make reading so much more fun!
 Even though it was a messy task fitting so many chefs in a little kitchen we found a way to express our creative minds, in the art of forming shapes and cutting out animals. Even if the edges were rough or the dough was too dry, we all learned an important lesson. Following the rules and recipes, so we can take these skills to help our parents around the kitchen for dinnertime!  Talk to you later Alligator,

Damian L

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Pink Shirt Day

On Wednesday February 22,  we celebrated Pink Shirt Day! It was a blast seeing all of the colourful clothing and accessories– from pink socks to pink bandanas! But my favourite was seeing all of the t-shirts from over the years.  They helped to remind us of what Pink Shirt Day is all about!

All together, we played different games and activities in order to understand what makes a safe space.  When we see bullying, it’s important that we tell an adult and stand with the victim so that they know that they are not alone.  In OSC everyone is welcome, and we make sure that every child feels safe when they walk through our doors.  It’s not just the adults that create this space– the kids also take the lead in creating an inclusive environment.

We ended our Pink Shirt Day activities by breaking into groups and creating presentations based around key words.  Our goal wasn’t to focus on the act of bullying, but instead to work towards the things that make a safe and inclusive space.  While we don’t always know what to do in difficult situations, having that space allows the kids work together to resolve any issues.  It’s truly inspiring work when many of the solutions come from the children themselves!



Playdough Fun

Happy February Senior OSC!

The snow has melted away thanks to the power of love this February. Finally the sun is peeking out and we can all get outside and play! We've had a fantastic week at OSC with Valentines day and the art festival, it was awesome to see the kids expressing their inner spirit animals with the amazing face paint from their school field trips to a local art festival!

Last Wednesday Matt took the kids back to preschool with a super fun make your own playdough scavenger hunt! After the kids found all the ingredients and got their hands covered in the sticky squishy dough they played a game of play dough pictionary! Its always nice to see that even though the kids are growing up they can still get in touch with their inner preschooler and enjoy the little things! Have a fantastic weekend, enjoy the amazing weather!


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