Smash Day!

Have you ever wondered what smashing a watermelon in slow motion would look like? What about a Kinder Surprise Egg? What about milk, lego, or even a real egg? This list grew longer and longer as Emma, Nathan and other children started brainstorming these hypothetical questions.  I love sitting and chatting with the children about crazy and wonderful ideas, however, this time we were so inspired we vowed to make it happen.  It was here, at a typical OSC table, that we created the idea of Smash Day.

In order for Smash Day to work we first needed a list of items.  Even though we had some initial ideas we wanted to talk more about why we were picking each items and what were the pros and cons of the items we wanted.  Our main goal was to find a balance between science, fun and minimal waste.  We quickly revived our list to include the following:
  • Watermelon (mini)
  • Kinder egg
  • Egg (expired) 
  • Water balloon
  • Lego
  • Pie (crust + whipped cream)
  • Apple
  • Milk (small container) 
  • Mentose and coke (mini can)
  • Cup of coffee ( Carolyn's) 

Our next step was to organize a safe, easy way to clean up our proposed mess.  Luckily, we had an old tarp on the way out that would take care of the mess for us.  Soon we were hyping up Smash Day to everyone, from kids to leaders.  Wednesday couldn't get here soon enough.

On Wednesday afternoon everyone jumped into action and helped set up the final phase of our project.  Sarah organized the items into a smashtastic order.  Brianna set up the ladder and found us an optimal smashing space.  Kevin set up the tri pod and slow mo camera and I set up our observation board.  I checked in with our planning crew and we agreed we wanted 3 questions answered.

  1. How high did it bounce?
  2. What did the item look like after it was smashed? Was it close to the original shape or not?
  3. How close did it land on the target?
As everything was being organized we split everyone into groups and handed out observation sheets.  Before anything was smashed we all took a moment to predict the outcomes.  I noticed that the phrase "a thousand pieces" was used quite a lot for question 2. 

Soon the excitement bubbled over as I announced it was time to drop the first item, a banana.  The silence after the banana landed was strange.  There was a sudden feel of disappointment.  The banana drop was a flop.  However, soon water balloons, mini pies and even my cup of coffee were splashing onto the tarp (and Kevin, Sorry!)  which filled the group with excitement once again. 

For me the highlight of our experiment was the mini watermelon.  The slow motion video was by far my favorite, and unfortunately the last because my phone ran out of storage. 

After the last bit of chocolate milk was cleaned, the observations recorded, and the videos compiled and am left feeling very satisfied.  I look forward to the next time we take a wonderful, creative, and crazy idea and smash it, figuratively and maybe literally.  Tune in to find out!


Back in the Swing of Things

Welcome back to Sr. OSC!  Though the weather is sticking around, summer has indeed ended.  We are back into the full swing of things at Senior as we enter into the second full week of school.  Our staff are all looking forward to a wonderful school year and have many amazing things to bring to the program. We are looking forward to seeing all the familiar faces and we welcome those who are new to Sr. OSC.  If you have not had a chance to meet all of the staff, please do not hesitate to say "Hello!" and introduce yourself.

Getting back into the routine can sometimes be challenging, but here are a few friendly reminders of the important things that take place in our program:
  •  Breakfast is served daily from 7:00am-8:00am: 
    • Hot breakfast is served Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, with regular breakfast being offered throughout the week as well. 
    • What we serve for breakfast may change throughout the week. However, there will always be cereal, bread, english muffins, oatmeal, and juice.

  • Bus pickup times are as follows and we ask that your child be dropped off by the designated times if they require transportation by us.
    • If your child goes to Quilchena or Dixon, please arrive at Gilmore Sr. OSC no later than 8:00am. Bus pickup is 8:15am from Gilmore.
    • If you miss the designated time, please drop off your child directly at school, as the bus does only one pick up in the morning.

    • If your child is looking for something to do during the afternoons, feel free to encourage them to check out our daily activities. Each day a leader brings something new and exciting to try, and all your child needs to do is sign up on our magnet board and go into it with a good attitude! There will also be monthly options to explore Richmond during our optional afternoon out trips. Keep an eye out for a sign up sheet at the sign out table for these out trips.

    • If your child will NOT be coming to Gilmore Sr. OSC after school, please remember to give us a call at: 604.272.3661. This is the direct line for our program and during off hours we have a voicemail available. Please leave us a clear and detailed message, otherwise there is a good chance we will be hassling you until we know your child's whereabouts!

        • Please check your parent folders regularly and keep an eye out for any Pro D sign up sheets that may be posted throughout the year.

          These are just some of the reminders from Sr. OSC. In the meantime, we hope that you will join us in ushering in another awesome school year. We look forward to getting to know and/or catching up with everyone. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask any one of us.


          Summer Weather

          Hey Sr OSC families,

          Mr.Blue sky is back again! 

          While the sun showers us with gifts of light, warmth, and energy, it also brings us sunburns. This is the beginning of sunscreen season, please remember to equip your little sunbeams with sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, bug spray, and LOTS of water! We've already begun our transition back into the great outdoors with water fights, so packing an extra change of clothes would be a great idea! We are all so pumped for the coming summer program, and we hope you are too!

          Have a wonderful sunny weekend!

          Mackenzie H

          A Sneak-peek of Summer

          Hello OSC families, 

          This past week has shown a sneak peek of sunny summer weather. On Monday, the children had a chance to make their own hacky sack to enjoy indoors or outdoors. It started with fabric or felt that was cut out using a template. Then, using a glue gun, it was glued tight only leaving a small hole to put the rice inside. Once filled with rice, it was glued closed so that none of the rice was to escape. It turned out to be a success! The children enjoyed throwing, rolling and catching these fun hacky sacks.

          On Wednesday, OSC took advantage of the weather and organized a large game of capture the flag. The game was filled with excitement as capture the flag never fails to please the children. I saw the children use teamwork and strategies to out-think their opponents in order to get the flags. It was a tiring game that ended up in a tie but from my perspective, both sides won as they enjoyed the game outside.

          Until next time, 


          'A day in the life of...'

          Hey everyone,

          For my blog this week, I decided to flip the script and ask some kids at OSC a series of questions in an interview format. No surprise that their answers were full of surprises! I interviewed 10 kids and wanted to share some of their responses:

          CHILD #1:

          Name: 'Bob' 
          Grade: 5
          Favourite school topic:  Language arts because I love writing
          Favourite OSC snack: Lemon Loaf
          Favourite OSC activity: Reading at the couches
          What's something you want to be when you grow up:  An actor
          If you were a kitchen utensil, which one would you be:  Knife- Because cutting stuff with a spoon or fork is too tough 
          If you were an OSC leader, what rule would you make up:  More desserts as snack 

          CHILD #2:

          Name: 'Nothing'
          Grade:  0
          Favourite school topic:  Social Studies- I like to learn about the world
          Favourite OSC snack: Cheese & Crackers
          Favourite OSC activity: Building houses
          What's something you want to be when you grow up:  Spongebob & August (like the month)
          If you were a kitchen utensil, which one would you be:  A fork- so I can poke salad in the face
          If you were an OSC leader, what rule would you make up:  We would all live in Candyland

          CHILD #3:

          Name: '?'
          Grade: 5
          Favourite school topic:  Gym- I can play with my friends
          Favourite OSC snack: Cinnamon Buns
          Favourite OSC activity: Gym & Park
          What's something you want to be when you grow up:  A Disneyland employee- of any kind 
          If you were a kitchen utensil, which one would you be:  Spatula- so people would run around hitting other people with me
          If you were an OSC leader, what rule would you make up:  Allowed video games @ OSC

          CHILD #4:

          Name: 'Mom'
          Grade:  Past University
          Favourite school topic:  Parenting
          Favourite OSC snack: Raspberry lemon loaf
          Favourite OSC activity: Big & small park
          What's something you want to be when you grow up: A mom
          If you were a kitchen utensil, which one would you be:  Spatula- it has an awesome name
          If you were an OSC leader, what rule would you make up:  Parents can only pick up their kids after 5 pm

          CHILD #5:

          Name: 'Jeff'
          Grade: Kindergarden 
          Favourite school topic:  Gym- I'm athletic 
          Favourite OSC snack: Anything sugary 
          Favourite OSC activity: Capture the flag
          What's something you want to be when you grow up:  I want to be a 'jeff'...
          If you were a kitchen utensil, which one would you be:  Fork- so i can eat EVERYTHING
          If you were an OSC leader, what rule would you make up:  Eat high-chews all day

          Thanks for checking in and and checking out some of the great answers!

          Matt The Bat

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