“Suddenly Settled!”

It has been truly amazing to see the profound progress of many of the “Time For Two’s” tots this Fall season.  Many have suddenly settled into the classroom routine and have begun to collaborate with one another in many wonderful ways, sharing materials and toys as well as demonstrating care for one another.

We have observed kindness in action as some have retrieved tissues for a friend in tears, helped pack up a snack bag or passed a desired item to another child nearby.  Their attention span has steadily increased as we read and sing together at circle time each class. 
The children’s creativity has also been steadily increasing as they work with the art materials provided for their pleasure.

As educators, we are anticipating many more interesting adventures with the children returning to our care in the New Year as we continue to learn and develop together.

May you all have wonderful holiday times with your family!  Make sure to enjoy these precious times with your little ones…they grow up so fast and time is something we cannot retrieve once it is gone!



Teacher Lori Moore


Painting with Wheels

The other day, teacher Brianna covered the art table with paper, added paint and some rolling trucks.  It was set up for art and play at the same time.  Then, teacher Mackenzie drew some roads, and parking areas for the trucks to drive on. It was then up to the children to add in the rest.  It was the first activity that Jasper and Ramsey went to.  These boys are usually drawn to the toy activities first but not today.  It really drew them in and they began to paint by wheeling around the paper.  It was very exciting to see their curiosity as they noticed the tracks that they were creating.  The art table quickly became full as Sofie, Joanne and Carter joined in.

We took the chairs out from the table so the children could move around freely with their cars and use up all the spaces on the paper.  They liked to go back and forth and create heavy lines and then they liked to use another colour right over top. The blue and orange paint was the most popular as it covered most of the paper. The children definitely got a good arm work out as they went around the table rolling their trucks and taking small pit stops to load up on more paint.
This art activity created a great chance for the children to use their gross motor skills and sensory skills.  It also provided a way to discover mixing colours all by pushing wheels across the table.  The children also created the art piece together as a group and that involved sharing space, tools, and taking turns. This type of interaction provides them with social skills.
This activity was very engaging and it helps children develop their creative thinking all by using a toy that they are familiar with but for a different purpose. It helps children to learn with an open mind.
Until next time,


Water and Gourds

Hello families,

Can you believe that we are nearly at the beginning of November?!  We have already been together for 2 months.  The children have been exploring many activities this month as you can see by our board out front.

Recently, we coloured some water and added some natural objects, like gourds and chestnuts, then added some ladles and bowls.  Who would think such a simple activity would keep our children stimulated for so long.  The children all took turns at the sensory table to stir, pour, feel and splash the water around.  Some children would pour water into bowls, some would collect items in the water and some were content with just having their hands in there.  Children at this age are very sensory driven especially to touch which is why we try to provide activities that will involve using their hands to explore.
Why is this sort of play important?  It aids in developing fine and gross motor skills that deals with exercising our small and large muscle groups.  These muscle groups are important to build because it helps in coordination and the ability to perform more intricate skills like picking up small objects, writing, buttoning and zipping.  Through this process it will then provide a foundation to more complex tasks.  It also, provides the children to learn about using all their senses through examining, looking, touching and building new ways of discovering the world around them.
A simple activity that looks inviting, colourful and fun for the children have so many benefits even though it looks like simple play, they are actually developing cognitive growth, language development, social behaviour and much, much more.

Until next time, Deanna

The tiny hands of two year olds

The more time that I spend involved in the “Time for Two’s” program at West Richmond, the more I realize how incredibly interesting this age group is!

Even though they are such tiny little beings, they are already beginning to explore and enjoy the experiences around them in so many amazing ways!
When we come together each afternoon, I am excited to see their “tiny hands” engaged in many types of activities afforded them.  Some of them always gravitate towards the types of tactile opportunities that allow them to dig and splash, or pour and push different types of materials in a sensory situation.  Other children seem to always speed towards the art activities, where they can paint, draw, dip or dab with different materials set out each day.

Many children seem mesmerized by materials that encourage building or grasping pieces of puzzles or materials that can be moved in various directions, encouraging their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination effectively.
Reading interesting materials also challenges the children to look as well as listen.  Eating their provided snacks also seems to encourage them to participate in rituals that require hand washing, opening and closing containers, eating independently and closing up their chosen food.

Circle time also creates an opportunity for the children to expand their listening, observation and singing skills, as well as increasing their ability to take turns and share materials that are provided to expand their learning.
Each of these daily experiences help the children to discover and develop their own abilities, even at such a young age.                                      

We are very excited to see your children growing and learning in the “Time for Two’s” environment.  Looking forward to many more fun days ahead!

Teacher Lori Moore


The many ways we can paint

Hello families, I am very pleased to say that we are all getting settled into our class time together.  It has been a pretty smooth transition.  I would like to thank all the families for their support and patience while we get to know your child.  It is so important to make the transition a positive time.

We have noticed the children this year enjoy painting.  With that said, we will be using different materials and tools to paint and create art.  Last week, we used shaving cream mixed with paint to create our leaves.  The texture of the paint really attracted the attention of the children.  They liked to blend the colours and some even enjoyed feeling the paint with their hands.  Another week, we used potato stamps to manipulate paint without any brushes.  At first, the children used the potato stamps like a brush and made strokes with it.  Once they observed a teacher stamping with the potatoes, they followed and noticed that it left prints.  It did not take long for the children to create some pretty amazing art.  This week will be working with water colour paints and fusing paper to create an orchard of apples.  I wonder what colour apples the children will create?

The creativity and curiosity of the children never ceases to amaze me.  It truly makes teaching young children so gratifying. 

Until next time,

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