October in our Time For Two's Program

It’s already October. Our children are getting adjusted to our classroom. I see that our children are getting very engaged in toys, books, and art. We would like to show you our routines and what we have been doing in the classroom.

We are having fun while learning during free play. We noticed the children are beginning to share and take turns. I noticed our children are enjoying music. They love to move and dance.


We enjoyed doing circle and singing our songs. One of the songs is B-I-N-G-O.


We have been doing art for Thanksgiving. We glued eyes and feathers on our turkeys.

Children are learning how to wash their hands and sitting at snack table with all their friends.

We started to go down to the gym for gross motor activities. Children are enjoying holding and exploring all types of balls. We are throwing the balls up in the sky, passing the balls, and bouncing them.


Until next time,



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