“Suddenly Settled!”

It has been truly amazing to see the profound progress of many of the “Time For Two’s” tots this Fall season.  Many have suddenly settled into the classroom routine and have begun to collaborate with one another in many wonderful ways, sharing materials and toys as well as demonstrating care for one another.

We have observed kindness in action as some have retrieved tissues for a friend in tears, helped pack up a snack bag or passed a desired item to another child nearby.  Their attention span has steadily increased as we read and sing together at circle time each class. 
The children’s creativity has also been steadily increasing as they work with the art materials provided for their pleasure.

As educators, we are anticipating many more interesting adventures with the children returning to our care in the New Year as we continue to learn and develop together.

May you all have wonderful holiday times with your family!  Make sure to enjoy these precious times with your little ones…they grow up so fast and time is something we cannot retrieve once it is gone!



Teacher Lori Moore

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