Painting with Wheels

The other day, teacher Brianna covered the art table with paper, added paint and some rolling trucks.  It was set up for art and play at the same time.  Then, teacher Mackenzie drew some roads, and parking areas for the trucks to drive on. It was then up to the children to add in the rest.  It was the first activity that Jasper and Ramsey went to.  These boys are usually drawn to the toy activities first but not today.  It really drew them in and they began to paint by wheeling around the paper.  It was very exciting to see their curiosity as they noticed the tracks that they were creating.  The art table quickly became full as Sofie, Joanne and Carter joined in.

We took the chairs out from the table so the children could move around freely with their cars and use up all the spaces on the paper.  They liked to go back and forth and create heavy lines and then they liked to use another colour right over top. The blue and orange paint was the most popular as it covered most of the paper. The children definitely got a good arm work out as they went around the table rolling their trucks and taking small pit stops to load up on more paint.
This art activity created a great chance for the children to use their gross motor skills and sensory skills.  It also provided a way to discover mixing colours all by pushing wheels across the table.  The children also created the art piece together as a group and that involved sharing space, tools, and taking turns. This type of interaction provides them with social skills.
This activity was very engaging and it helps children develop their creative thinking all by using a toy that they are familiar with but for a different purpose. It helps children to learn with an open mind.
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