Springtime in Two's Time!

It was so nice to see all of our friends after Spring Break! It was exciting to see them all happy to be back in Two’s Time!

The children all remembered how to find their names as they entered class, and many of them are now interested in learning how to recognize their friends’ names as well!

At circle time, we introduced the game “Little Mouse Little Mouse”. The children have to guess which coloured house the little mouse is hiding behind, and they were all engaged and eager to help each other guess.

After circle, the children continued to explore the little mouse and his house!

As Mother’s Day is approaching, we are enjoying creating beautiful gifts while having lots of fun with paint! They kids have been working very hard, and are looking forward to sharing their presents with you!


 Free play with each other is a large component of our day. Here are some photos of the children exploring the room.


At the end of the day, we like to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine in the playground. Some favourite parts of the playground are climbing the steps, the slide, the swings, and racing the horses!


We really enjoy seeing your kids growing with us!

Until next time,

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