Welcome Back Time for Twos

Time has passed so fast! I cannot believe that it is mid-January and we are back to our new semester. Our children are growing so fast and working so hard to learn the class routine.

I would like to show you our daily routine:

First, we sing our gathering song “The More We Get Together”. We even use sign language for the song. During circle, we often receive song requests, for example, “The Wheels on the Bus”, “The Alphabet Song”, and many more.

After circle, we have free play. The children play with cars, work on puzzles, read books, and create art. We are learning how to use our words and how to share between friends.

We enjoy sitting down and having snacks with our friends. Don’t forget, we have to wash our hands before we enjoy our delicious food! J.

For the last 20 minutes of class, we work on our gross motor skills. We like to go to the gym to play with balls, and to work on our running and jumping skills. If the weather is nice, we will go play at the playground.

I have to say that our children are so capable! They are happily learning new skills, engaging with their peers and teachers, and creating beautiful friendships.

Until next time,

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