Springtime in Two's Time!

It was so nice to see all of our friends after Spring Break! It was exciting to see them all happy to be back in Two’s Time!

The children all remembered how to find their names as they entered class, and many of them are now interested in learning how to recognize their friends’ names as well!

At circle time, we introduced the game “Little Mouse Little Mouse”. The children have to guess which coloured house the little mouse is hiding behind, and they were all engaged and eager to help each other guess.

After circle, the children continued to explore the little mouse and his house!

As Mother’s Day is approaching, we are enjoying creating beautiful gifts while having lots of fun with paint! They kids have been working very hard, and are looking forward to sharing their presents with you!


 Free play with each other is a large component of our day. Here are some photos of the children exploring the room.


At the end of the day, we like to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine in the playground. Some favourite parts of the playground are climbing the steps, the slide, the swings, and racing the horses!


We really enjoy seeing your kids growing with us!

Until next time,


PLAYing is what we do best!

Children’s understanding of the world is reflected in their play. It is through play that they get to express their knowledge of concepts and explore new ideas. Children’s work is play.  Let’s see the children’s “work”:
BUILDing a tower


DRIVing the train
WASHing the fruits and vegetables
WAITing for the toast
KEEPing the food in the refrigerator
PAINTing the sliding door
GETting some ice cream
BUYing some groceries
Children love to use their imagination when playing.  They like to do a lot of pretend play.
As educators, we need to nurture that imagination by providing them with materials they could use and by engaging in conversations. It is through keeping that imagination alive that will let children be children.
Until next time,



Welcome Back Time for Twos

Time has passed so fast! I cannot believe that it is mid-January and we are back to our new semester. Our children are growing so fast and working so hard to learn the class routine.

I would like to show you our daily routine:

First, we sing our gathering song “The More We Get Together”. We even use sign language for the song. During circle, we often receive song requests, for example, “The Wheels on the Bus”, “The Alphabet Song”, and many more.

After circle, we have free play. The children play with cars, work on puzzles, read books, and create art. We are learning how to use our words and how to share between friends.

We enjoy sitting down and having snacks with our friends. Don’t forget, we have to wash our hands before we enjoy our delicious food! J.

For the last 20 minutes of class, we work on our gross motor skills. We like to go to the gym to play with balls, and to work on our running and jumping skills. If the weather is nice, we will go play at the playground.

I have to say that our children are so capable! They are happily learning new skills, engaging with their peers and teachers, and creating beautiful friendships.

Until next time,


Lantern Festival 2015

Lantern Festival 2015!

On a beautiful evening in early October,

In and around the community centre,

Families gathered for an evening of fun,

Games and activities for everyone!

Donations were made

For the Richmond Food Bank

Some got Balloons,

and others, Face Paint!

Some people went Bowling,

and drums were played,



and lanterns were made!

Nigel rode in

And we all stopped to stare,

As he contact juggled

In the cool night air!

Then it was time,

The lanterns were lit,

we went on parade

The night was a hit!

To all those who took part and volunteers too,
For such a great evening, 
we'd like to THANK YOU!!!

See you again next year!

Don’t Miss Summer West Fest!

Every year, the West Richmond Community Centre hosts West Fest; an end-of-summer free family event held on the last Wednesday in August. This western-themed event includes live entertainment, face painting, bouncy castles, pie eating contents, relays, BBQ concession, and a photo booth! At dusk, the crowd settles in for a screening of a feature-length film – this year we’ll be showing Big Hero 6. It’s a lovely way to spend a late summer evening.

The grass may be brown, but we are thinking green for this event! Arrive by bike or on foot to be entered into a draw, and refill your reusable water bottles at Save-On-Foods’ water refilling station!

Date: Wednesday August 26
Time: 6:30-10:30pm (movie begins at dusk)
Location: West Richmond Community Centre (9180 No. 1 Road)
This event is free. BBQ concession available.
For more information, call the front desk at 604-238-8400

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