Time for Twos

Thank you for your interest in our Time for Twos program. Time for Twos is a seasonal program that is part of the child care department here at West Richmond Community Association. We are dedicated to providing quality preschool programs to the residents of Richmond.

Time for Twos is a free-play based program that provides children the opportunity to develop their skills in all areas. We believe children learn through interacting with others and experimenting with different mediums. Our environment allows children to explore the world around them in a safe and predictable setting. As children all learn differently, we strive to work with each child as an individual while guiding them to work responsibly in a group setting. Children are encouraged to learn how to say goodbye to their caregivers, share and participate in all aspects of the program.

One Early Childhood Educator and two assistants teach each class.

Age Guidelines

Children entering Time for Twos must turn 2 years old by the start of the session.

Family Participation

We recommend that you stay with your toddler until your child is ready to say goodbye with minimal stress. Our staff is here to help ease this transition and support you and your child through this new experience. It is important for your child to feel secure while getting to know the teachers and the new environment. Once your child is feeling confident, you are welcome to leave and return for pickup.

Please note: Time for Twos participants have pre-registration into our Merry King Preschool.

For more information, please call our Director of Child Care Services at 604-238-8415.