Water and Gourds

Hello families,

Can you believe that we are nearly at the beginning of November?!  We have already been together for 2 months.  The children have been exploring many activities this month as you can see by our board out front.

Recently, we coloured some water and added some natural objects, like gourds and chestnuts, then added some ladles and bowls.  Who would think such a simple activity would keep our children stimulated for so long.  The children all took turns at the sensory table to stir, pour, feel and splash the water around.  Some children would pour water into bowls, some would collect items in the water and some were content with just having their hands in there.  Children at this age are very sensory driven especially to touch which is why we try to provide activities that will involve using their hands to explore.
Why is this sort of play important?  It aids in developing fine and gross motor skills that deals with exercising our small and large muscle groups.  These muscle groups are important to build because it helps in coordination and the ability to perform more intricate skills like picking up small objects, writing, buttoning and zipping.  Through this process it will then provide a foundation to more complex tasks.  It also, provides the children to learn about using all their senses through examining, looking, touching and building new ways of discovering the world around them.
A simple activity that looks inviting, colourful and fun for the children have so many benefits even though it looks like simple play, they are actually developing cognitive growth, language development, social behaviour and much, much more.

Until next time, Deanna
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