The tiny hands of two year olds

The more time that I spend involved in the “Time for Two’s” program at West Richmond, the more I realize how incredibly interesting this age group is!

Even though they are such tiny little beings, they are already beginning to explore and enjoy the experiences around them in so many amazing ways!
When we come together each afternoon, I am excited to see their “tiny hands” engaged in many types of activities afforded them.  Some of them always gravitate towards the types of tactile opportunities that allow them to dig and splash, or pour and push different types of materials in a sensory situation.  Other children seem to always speed towards the art activities, where they can paint, draw, dip or dab with different materials set out each day.

Many children seem mesmerized by materials that encourage building or grasping pieces of puzzles or materials that can be moved in various directions, encouraging their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination effectively.
Reading interesting materials also challenges the children to look as well as listen.  Eating their provided snacks also seems to encourage them to participate in rituals that require hand washing, opening and closing containers, eating independently and closing up their chosen food.

Circle time also creates an opportunity for the children to expand their listening, observation and singing skills, as well as increasing their ability to take turns and share materials that are provided to expand their learning.
Each of these daily experiences help the children to discover and develop their own abilities, even at such a young age.                                      

We are very excited to see your children growing and learning in the “Time for Two’s” environment.  Looking forward to many more fun days ahead!

Teacher Lori Moore

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