Lollipop Spa - 4 Hour Class

This year for Mother’s Day, the 4 Hour Class decided to do a Spa Day for their mommies.
The children voted and named the spa, Lollipop Spa. In their spa, they will have hand scrub, tattoos and a café.

Before the spa day…

Things to do:

1. Make the gift (heart-shaped lavender pouches). The children sew their pouches.

2. Make a card.

3. Make signs for the spa and the different stations

4. Make the hand scrub. The ingredients used for it were salt, sugar, olive oil and peppermint essential oil.
5. Make the chocolate covered strawberry.

6. Buy the tattoos

Spa day…

Things to do:

1. Put up the signs.

2. Bake the scones
3. Set-up the spa and café

When the Lollipop Spa opened, the mommies and grandmas came in and got pampered by the children. The children gave them hand scrubs and applied tattoos. They were also served the yummy scones and chocolate covered strawberries with some tea.
We hope the mommies and grandmas had as much fun as the children in preparing for the spa day.
Happy Mother’s Day!
Until next time,





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