Bubbles...Bubbles Everywhere (A Science Exploration): FAS M/W/F Class

Sensory play is an important part of a childs development and learning. It provides children with endless opportunities to explore and develop skills. Best of all, the open-ended learning is therapeutic, as it calms and relaxes our minds.

With all this in mind, we created an experience for the children. We added soap to warm water and provided whisks, strainers, and hand mixers. First, the children wanted to scoop the water. Since we intentionally did not provide any cups for pouring, the children put their hands in the water and quickly learned how to scoop the water by putting their two hands together.

Then, the fun began. The children began to explore and experiment with the tools provided. The children with the hand mixers realized that when they turned the egg beaters, bubbles began to appear. The children with the whisks started to whisk the water and more bubbles began to appear. Soon, we had a tub full of bubbles. Strainers were used to scoop up the bubbles.

Children learn through exploration, experimentation and curiousity. By providing a water provocation, the children were able to learn and become interested in the subject. Without thinking, we often want to answer all the childrens’ questions. However, by providing an avenue for them to seek and answer their own curiousities, it stimulates their minds and improves their critical thinking and scientific skills.

Science is an important subject and made more important by enjoying the understanding with lots of fun.



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